View of forest.

Stadsberget Naturreservat

  • Visiting address: Österbyvägen 7,, 776 33 Hedemora

Around Hedemora, the flat agricultural landscape spreads out. Just north of the center, however, a significant mountain rises from the surroundings. This mountain reaches fifty meters above the plains. Fossil shorelines and other geological formations, together with their value as an outdoor area, have meant that the area has been protected by law.



Stadsberget is adjacent to Hedemora center and can be reached very easily as there are roads on both sides of the reserve. Stadsberget is therefore used a lot to run/hike in, walk the dog and in school activities. There is a ban on picking flowers or damaging other vegetation in the reserve, but there is nothing to stop the public from picking berries or mushrooms in the reserve.

Part of Badelundaåsen
Stadsberget is part of the well-known Badelundaåsen. The ridge formation is unusually powerful here and Stadsberget's surface measures 1400 x 500 meters and its highest parts are about 50 meters above the surrounding plain. In fact, the height difference between the highest parts of the ridge and the bottom of Lake Hönsan is almost 90 meters, which is the largest relative height of any ridge in the county!