Sunset by lake.

Söppenmyren Naturreservat

This nature reserve located in the middle of Smedjebacken is surrounded by the Kolbäcksån river that flows around it. The reserve is a wetland area of various types, both wooded marshes, open wetlands and mud banks. The beach vegetation is strong with i.a. willow leaves, sword lily, forest reeds and much more.



Among the bird species you can see are the tadpole, stonechat, perch and kingfisher.

In the reserve there are nice picnic areas with picnic tables and barbecue areas along the river.

There is also a circular hiking trail that goes through Söppenmyren and around central Smedjebacken. It is a 10.5 kilometer long walking path that is prepared.
The loop runs along Kolbäcksån over the beautiful nature reserve Söppenmyren on to Morgårdshammar past Väderbacken, Eriksberg and Hökarängen. Then up behind the residential area Vinsbo where the loop goes along the electric light trail to Smedjebacken and on to Herosvallen and along Barkens beach to Hamnen.


The nature reserve is centrally located in Smedjebacken by Kolbäcks river along road 66.