Road in the forest.

Sätra Hasselskog Nature Reserve

  • Visiting address: Sätra Hasselskog Naturreservat, 79390 Sätra

The calcareous slope down to Lake Siljan has a rich flora of herbs, shrubs and trees. Today, the spruce increasingly dominates and the purpose of forming a nature reserve is to manage the area so that its unique natural values can be preserved, developed and restored.



Early signs of spring
The nature reserve is an approximately 30 hectare area located southwest of the village Sätra and south of Plintsberg. On the slope down to Lake Siljan, the conditions are extremely good, the soil is nutritious and the location has benefited climatically. Here you will always find the signs of spring at the earliest, the villagers nearby say.

Unusual with hazel far north
It is unusual for hazel to occur at this latitude, but here it grows abundantly. In their places grow "giant bouquets" of hazel, hazel bushes. Elsewhere, young shoots shoot up. The goal is to benefit and develop the demanding species that are represented in the reserve through continuous management efforts. Among other things, here is one of the few known places with the very unusual beetle, the rowan splendor beetle. It can be seen mounted on one of the pictures above. However, that specimen is not collected in this reserve as it is not allowed.

Expansion with even more rowans
Adjacent to the existing nature reserve is an approximately 5 ha large area with high nature values. These are of the same character as in the existing nature reserve, and constitute the continuation of the slope with deciduous forest that the existing nature reserve covers. There are also hazel and other deciduous tree species of conservation interest in this area, especially a considerable amount of rowan. This was the basis for the county administrative board expanding the nature reserve in 2018. In this area, a new information site for the entire area will also be built.


Go north on highway 70 from Leksand. Turn towards Plintsberg and follow the signs to Sätra Hasselskogs Naturreservat.