Old houses and a church tower

Särna Gammelgård




Särna Local History Society was formed at the initiative of merchant Engzelius in 1908, in order to nurture Old Church and take advantage of the district's Antiquities. In 1939 the association bought the Bush estate in Sarna Heath, moved it to Sarna and inaugurated a few years later Sarna Gammelgård.

Since ancient things, for the most part consists of objects belonging to the home, household, hunting and animal husbandry in the farming community, moved them to Gammelgården to show them in their proper element. Today includes more than 1000 objects in the collections. Old-church was restored and was re-introduced in 1953, and is now a popular wedding church in summer.

Telefon to president: +46(0)253-101 55


Follow RV 70 into the Särna, turn right at OKQ8 and follow the road down to the Särna old church. The connection is Särna Gammelgård.