Red house.

Kulturstråket i Gagnefs kyrkby

Welcome to walk in the footsteps of Ottilia Adelborg.



The walk consists of 10 stops. You choose however many you wish to visit. The walk goes through Gagnefs kyrkby and is almost 2 km long.

Then as now, villages were scattered in rows along the river surrounded by open farmland and forest-clad hills. The river used to be a connecting link until it faced competition from the railway in the 1880s.
Most people made a living from farming and side-line incomes, such as crafts and work migration to Stockholm and nearby regions.
Ottilia Adelborg described the region during her first visit in 1893:
“Gagnef offered me such delight in that it was still wholesome and natural, untouched by strangers and shops.”
With the help of old photographs and Ottilia Adelborg’s own words, we wish to give you a picture of what Gagnefs kyrkby was like over 100 years ago.

The walk is indicated on the map. The maps are also available at the Museum in Gagnef.

This walk is a collaboration between Ottilia Adelborgmuseet and Gagnefs kommun.