Path leading through forest.

Hundhagen Nature Reserve

  • Visiting address: Brenäs Hundhagen 80, 93 41 Insjön

Hundhagen and the adjacent Millnäset are two headlands that protrude into Insjön. The approximately 110 hectare area houses many different habitat types. The area has great value for both fauna and flora but also for the active outdoor life.



Hundhagen's most interesting habitat type consists of a mosaic-like area of clay pits more or less overgrown with cataracts and floating leaf plants. It is surrounded by a birch/elm forest and various willow species. There is also an approximately 3 hectare forest pasture. The beach that surrounds the area is rocky and the predominant vegetation consists of willow and water.

The roads from Insjön towards Rönnäs and Helgbo pass the area, which can thus be said to be easy to reach. A tractor road leads out to Millnäset. The forest on the headland consists of sparse birch forest easy to roam in. Parts of Hundhagen, on the other hand, are overgrown and difficult to access. As the ground is perforated by clay pit pits, accessibility is further hampered. The beaches at Hundhagen and Millnäset are popular excursion destinations that are easy to reach even from land.


Go south from Leksand on road 70. At Insjön drive towards Rexbo Norra in the roundabouts and continue driving on road 908. Turn off towards Romma & Rönnäs and then turn left and continue until you reach the reserve.