A person looking into a cave.

Guennas Cave

Guenna is said to be an old lady who lived in Dåråberg, southwest of Månsta (Guenna means forest raw in Älvdalska). If you enter among the landslide blocks, you can see an opening in the rock wall. It is the opening to the cave of Dåråberg, where Guenna lived with her goats and dog.



The old people who had been lucky enough to see Guenna described her as a woman with long golden hair, with a beautiful face.

There is a 400 meter nice loop to the cave. The cave is about 3,5 meters deep.


Go north from Älvdalen center and turn off towards Månsta. Cross the bridge straight to Dåråberg. On the right side of the road before the mountain hut where it says "Dåråberg" there is a sign that says "Grottan". From there is a path to the cave itself. Park either at the side of the road or up by the shack, where you do not prevent access for others.