• Visiting address: Gesundaberget, Gesundabergsvägen 106, 792 90 Sollerön

To get to the top of Gesundaberget and see the view of Siljan, Sollerön and the surrounding landscape, 514 m above sea level, you can hike up the mountain or take the chairlift. Closed 2021/2022 for renovation. There are several different yellow-marked hiking trails. "Långrundan" is the nicest trail with some steeper sections, after about two kilometers you have reached the top.



Gesundaberget offers a fantastic view of Sollerön and the southwestern part of Siljansringen. The wooded landscape at the top of the dome is also visible on the other side of the lake. The crater rim caused by the meteorite strike has formed the steep slopes in the area.

Shatter cones in the granite was formed after the meteorite strike and can be found near the lift facility at the foot of the Gesundaberget. Look for structures in the bedrock where you can see distinct curves in the stone that form a complete or split cone. The structure can be quite large, sometimes up to one meter.

Practical Information:
At the top you will find Toppstugan with food, drink and coffee. (Closed for renovation.) At the foot of the mountain there is a reception with the possibility to rent bicycles. From the top of Gesundaberget there are marked