A  white bridge over the water.

The English Park

After a long period of dormancy, the park has now been restored to look as did in 1817. Today a signed path runs all through the park. In the lower part the park gives way to the Klosterdalen nature reserve, where there is not only a rich stock of plant and animal species, but also interesting remains of the era when Kloster had a gunpowder mill.



Klosterån river flows through the entire park. Enjoy the rippling water around the small islands that you reach via the white bridges, sit down on the white park benches and look at the lush park and the beautiful lines of sight out over the landscape.

The hiking trail is about 1 km long and leads around the park, down to the nature reserve in the valley and on to the ruin after Klosters mill's sheet metal rolling mill.

The farm's sheep graze in the park and it is therefore not allowed to bring dogs into the park.