Breathtaking view of forest and mountains.
Cliff in forest.
Boulder in forest.
Sign by hiking trail.
Footbridge in forest.
View point.
Information sign.
Barbeque area with view.

Blyberget Nature Reserve

Blyberg, Blybergets naturreservat

Blyberget stands tall at 525 meters above sea level, composed of the porphyry rock known as Blyberg Porphyry. This rock has gained global recognition due to the artistic objects crafted from it found across the world. The environment surrounding the porphyry quarries is of significant cultural and historical value. Moreover, the area holds treasures related to plant life and outdoor activities. Since 2018, Blyberget has been designated a nature reserve, protecting its unique offerings for future generations to explore and enjoy.

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Visiting address: Blybergets naturreservat, 796 91 Blyberg

Drive south on road RV70 from Älvdalen towards Mora. After approximately 10km turn left towards Blyberg. In the Town Blyberg take a left at the sign for Porfyrbrott. When the pavement ends and there is a red house straight ahead, take a right, drive 100m and park.