Mountain hikers walking on top of the mountain

Trekking in Grövelsjömountains

Grövelsjön is located among the Swedish / Norwegian mountains in the far northern corner of Dalarna and covers the vast wilderness on both sides of the border. Here awaits a paradise for hikers.



The mountains in our area are low and close. With us, you do not go out on a multi-day trip to experience the feeling of freedom. It has large undisturbed areas to detect, easy to walk heaths, views change constantly and the sun sets behind the mountains of Norway to the west, over grazing lands.

Many kilometres trails and paths start where you live. The inexperienced can feel for, in the region numerous trails and marked summer trails to follow, both in the woods and up on the mountain plains - in friendly terrain on the Swedish side and a little higher and steeper on the Norwegian. Norway is located next door, so you can easily get across the border, for example, to Femundsmarka National Park. Fine tours for families with children is to discover the neighborhood and exciting things in nature, hike along marked trail to Olåns shelter with Silverfall, which may attract a refreshing swim, visit Valdalsbygget with summer dining and animals or making first top tour with the kids.

For the more adventurous there are opportunities to ski touring, both in Swedish and Norwegian side you'll find mountains with panoramic views and also opportunities to go out on longer trips with overnight stays.

Guided day tours with knowledgeable guides show you the way to experience and current goals. Guided tours can be organizes with a number of half-and full-day excursions with a guide during the summer season. The tours are different types of terrain from tree line to the protected forest land.

South King trail passes Grövelsjön
In addition to shorter lead Stretch in Grövelsjöfjällen are marked trails north from Grövelsjön over Long Mountain and adjacent to Hävlingen then Töfsingdalens park to finally reach the county line just east of Slagufjället. Then the King's Trail on into Härjedalen and western Jämtland trail system. Opportunity for residents along the southern Kungsleden is at Hävlingen and STF's mountain cabins. Otherwise, the tent.