Family in a canoe.

Tour suggestions canoe: Lindesnäs - Nås, 17km

In Vansbro municipality, there are many fine water that is suitable for paddling.



The trail starts on the outskirts of Lindesnäs, by the bridge that crosses Äskan from Nås. There are good parking facilities. The installation takes place to the right of the bridge in flowing water where it is quite shallow. The box is a narrow and crooked river with many but not dangerous grounds. It can be a little difficult to find the furrow. The canoe trail goes through very varied nature along Äskan's beach.

After a long time paddling in flowing water, you reach Bysjön, which is a beautiful lake. Watch out for waves and wind! Once out on the lake, you paddle along the lake's eastern or western shore. If you choose the western one, you can take the opportunity to paddle into Orsalen, and again the same way out into Bysjön.

Whichever side you choose, you should take the opportunity to visit one of the two finest beaches in Vansbro municipality. Närsjöbadet with its shallow water and its fine sandy beach. Or why not Sandnäsudden? There, one side is shallow and the other quickly becomes deep. Both bathing places are very suitable for families with children.

Opposite Sandnäsudden is Bysjön's outlet, which passes to Bynoret. Bynoret is also a narrow and crooked river that mostly runs through bogs. Take the opportunity and take a look at all the beaver huts along Bynoret. When you eventually get out into the Västerdalälven, the trail turns left upstream up to Nås. DO NOT turn off to the right as you quickly come to a fairly large rapids that can NOT be paddled by canoe.

Just the right day trip.