Adults and children in a canoe.

Tour suggestions canoe: Gansen - Snöån, 15km

In Vansbro municipality, there are many fine water for paddling.



Appropriate place to start is at the bath in Gänsen. Then follow Noret downstream. It's very bumpy and due in some places. Along the river there are beautiful buildings. Watch out for some low bridges. After longer paddling, are arrived at a small power plants with a timber industry on the left side.
Suitable lifting location is left at the timber industry. Here canoe must be carried out on the main road and over the bridge. About 75 m after the bridge goes down a small road to the left. Walk around the house, until a footbridge, put in the canoe to the left of the bridge. Beware of strong flowing water, and a lot of stones!
After a while you paddle under a railway bridge and past Kämpudden which is located at Norets outlets in Västerdalälven.

The route continues downstream in Västerdalälven.
After about 1 km at a wooden bridge, there are two streams there and you should follow the first. The second one should carry canoten outside.
Then comes the calm water of about 3 km where Snöån flows into Västerdalälven. Here the trail turns left towards Snöån which is a narrow and winding river. Snöån can be difficult to detect so pay attention. After a short paddle pass a railway bridge and shortly there after another bridge. Now you has reached Snöåkvarn that must carry the canoe over. Appropriate absorption is left before the grinder, put in conoten just after the barrage. After about 1.5 km there is a small rapids that you have to pull the canoe up. You can then return to paddle again, this is much stones above and below the water surface. Look out! So you then arrive at Snöå Bruk. Take up the canoe on the right side.

Occasionally day trip, canoe cart is recommended.


From Vansbro Go E16 towards Borlänge about 10 km to Dala-Järna. Turn left at the sign for Leksand. Turn left after about 1.5km into Gänsenvägen. After another 1.5 km, turn right towards the bath at Gansen.