downhill skier on the piste, blue sky, blue sky.


Sälens highest vertical drop of 370 meters and a varied skiing, suitable for all. Along with fantastic groomed slopes, 2 terrain parks, JibbArena, Skicross court and BigAirBag, there is something for everyone.



We we have a lift system that makes that impatient young children, and adults for that matter, does not need to stand and wait in a slow queue to get up the slope again.

The Impact will also find Sälens longest children's lift. A novelty this year is that the Long Lifts (previously an anchor lift), will now be every other a button lift and every other an anchor lift. It makes it easy for small children to get to the top.

Moreover, all our slopes are close together - you will get quickly from our long, pleasant and green children-slopes to the real adult slopes.

It's also very close to home, all our accommodations are located near the lifts. Good huh?
Then you have more time to find on other nice things to do.