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Welcome to book your fishing holiday in Storån in Långfjället nature reserve. Here are fly-fishing, quota to a maximum of 20 anglers per day. In Storån applies only fly fishing, and we mean fly fishing, fly line and fly

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1. At Grövelsjön there is a parking where you can leave your car under the mountain stay. From there, hike to the huts at Särsjön about 12 km.

2. At Foskros, turn towards Hällsjön and run until Siljans Hut. The road is at times really bad. From there it is also about 12 km hike to Storån.

Fly fishing card is valid from 12:00 on day of arrival to 12:00 on day of departure.

To protect the sensitive nature there are special rules for visitors. Please carefully read the attached rules and respect them, they are sent out with the fishing card. Then we can together help each other to preserve the stunning mountain environment for future visitors. Violations may result in fines or imprisonment for up to 2 years and shut off from fishing in Storån.