Sports park in Avesta

  • Price information: All activities are free

The meeting place for all ages.



The Sports park is Avesta's newest all activity park that is created by Avesta residents themselves, by a vote that attracted close to 1,000 people to attend.

The sports park fills the park area between Metropoolen and Avesta ice rink, where the already renowned skatepark is located.

In the area sports such as tennis, hockey, football, basketball and handball are offered, as well as hockey in the winter. But in the area there are also other things to do, like crawling, climbing and jumping in the parcour-park or to drive radio-controlled cars on a track. Added to that is a nine-hole Frisbee pitch, the new football game in a round enclosure and rabbit jumping. In winter, there is also room for sledding. But for those who just want to enjoy a gentle stroll, there are also new, paved walking paths through the area.

Between June 14 and August 11 there will be sports park hosts on the site to answer questions and to rent out materials like kick-bikes, skateboards, tennis rackets and balls. Weekdays between the hours. 10:00 and 16:00.

Good to know

  • Pets allowed