Two boys are fishing

Särna Idre FVO

Fish in Särna-idre water for trout, grayling and arctic char!



Fishing area includes all parochial and bysamfällt fishing. Lake area is approximately 6000 ha and the main stream waters are collectively about 17 mil. In addition, through lease Sveaskogs water and through co-management agreements, most water parks with the exception of mountain waters of Hävlingensystemet and Fulufjället. There is only Dala Fjällfiskes license.

Lake Burusjön is a shallow lake, so the easiest way is to rent a boat / canoe and paddle out to fish. Here is an opportunity to get up perch, pike, char and trout. Whatever you choose to fish with, chances are that you will get fish here, fish would still be a bit timid, so try at dusk to row out.