Ostriches and an egg.

Sahlins Struts

The Sahlin family started their ostrich farm in 1994. The goal was to create a good environment for the animals and to have a fun place to work. A visit to the ostrich farm is an extraordinary experience. Just 6 km from central Borlänge, you will find hundreds of ostriches of different ages. Let the kids feed the birds or play outdoors with the pedal tractors in the playground.



Meet today's dinosaurs. Guided tours are offered daily during the high season, in Swedish and English, including special tours for children. The tour follows the whole chain, from egg to adult birds and finally finished products. The Sahlin farm promote local production, hence they take everything they can from the birds and refine it. The materials are then used to make meat products, oils, dusters from the feathers, bags and wallets from the skins, and ice-cream from the eggs. Imagination is the only limit!

During the off-season, you can call to book a private tour.

Don’t forget to visit the Farm Café that serves seasonal lunches, or try a cooling ostrich ice-cream in the summer.

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