View over lake Siljan.

Nature Trail

Nature trails in the nature reserve next to Naturum in Siljansnäs



Humlebumle trail: A 350 m long path around Naturum for kids where they in a playful way can discover and learn about life in the forest. The path is wide and consists of packed gravel, there are also several benches along the path.

Forest trail: 2 km long trail that goes through the nature reserve. There are information signs about the flora and fauna in the area along the path. The trail also passes by several nice viewpoints and a charcoal burning hut. The terrain is partially steep and it can be slippery if it has recently been raining.

Nature reserve: Siljansnäs is a smaller reserve that was established in 1978. Here one can find different natural environments, everything from pine forest to wetlands. There is a rich animal life, and if you're lucky you may see moose, deer, hares, falcons or a golden eagle.


From Leksand: Drive south over Leksandsbron, follow the signs that says "Siljansnäs". When you reach Siljansnäs turn right onto "Björkbergsvägen" and follow the signs that say Naturum