Surprisingly good skiing! Kläppen is Sweden's sixth largest facility with over 30 slopes and an extensive lift system. Moreover, Kläppen is perhaps one of the smartest planned facilities, and it is evident in the comments from our guests who think it can not get much easier, especially for families with children.



Our geographical location is one of our great advantages, because our facility is well situated on the west side and both are surrounded by dense forest.
Then we are also slightly lower than, for example Sälenfjällen we are also spared from the dense fog that can otherwise be rather dull.

Our clearest advantages:
• Green, blue, red and black slopes in all directions.
When it is cloud -free , you can enjoy the sun all day.
• Less wind. When the wind blows freezy on the mountain, we can offer snug skiing in the shelter of the forest that frames Kläppens slopes.
• Less fog. We are situated just enough lower to offer all types of skiing, with the difference that we are often spared from fog.
• Sälens shortest queues. Our well- piste and lift system make lift lines pleasantly short .
• Kläppen snow. Our location contributes to the quality of the snow will be much better. This allows the snow gets fluffier while the snowflakes stick together better. The snow will be covering all skiers dream about - and the ice - does hardly not exist.

Kläppem Snowpark - It says a lot about what our team managed to achieve over the years.
Ofcourse, we do not relax because of that. More the other way around, we invest more and more for every passing year, as more and more people choose just Kläppen Snow Park for training, competition and development.
Learn more about our vaunted park .

Come and try. Come and enjoy !