floating bridge in Österfors.
Gagnefs Church  and the floating bridge.

Gagnefs villages trip

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Experience the beautiful villages of Gagnef by bicycle. There are many small idyllic places to visit and genuine Dalarna settings to discover here. Start from the village of Sifferbo and cycle through Djurmo going north towards Gagnef.

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If you start in the village of Sifferbo follow the cycle path from the village to Djurmo. Go through Djurmo but do not take the E16 European highway, instead head north for the village of Djurås – a typical and traditional Dalarna village.

When you have cycled through Färjbacken you will see the Österdalälven river. On the other side of the river you will see Gagnef health centre where two rivers meet to form the Dalälven river.

When you are in Djurås you can cross the Österdalälven river by taking the cycle path on the side of the road. Directly after the bridge take a right/north under the E16 European highway and continue towards Gagnef. After approx. 3.5 km take a left and go through the beautiful villages of Nordåker, Gagnefsbyn and Nordbäck. The road winds its way through the historical village surroundings before reaching the forest path to Västerfors. Below Västerfors you join up with the Fäbodleden trail, a section of the cycle path that is managed by the Swedish Outdoor Association in Gagnef.

Follow the Fåbodleden trail over the old floating bridge in Österfors. Continue on the Fäbodleden trail through the interesting and picturesque cultural/historical settings in Österfors and onwards south through Gagnefs Kyrkby.

Just after the church you will pass the Otillia Adelborgs museum. Just after the branch office of Handelsbanken bank you leave the Fäbodleden trail and cross the second floating bridge of the day. You share the bridge with car traffic so be careful!

Keep to the left after the bridge and after approx. 1 km you will find yourself back at the place where you turned off towards Nordåker earlier. You then continue back the same way you came. Along the way you see the creation of one river from two, so why not make a stop off to see it. Follow the signs for the Gagnef health centre, pass by it and come out at the headland where the rivers meet.