Crosscountry trails.

Furudal 2,5 - 12 km

The ski tracks start from the track center in Tillhed. The ski tracks will take you over open fine heathland and moraine ridges.



Length: 2.5 - 12 km.

Difficulty: Easy to hilly tracks depending on which track you choose.

Starting point: Furudal's ski center at Tillhed.

Track marking: Red 2.5 km, yellow 5 km, orange 7 km and green 10 km.

Track Description:
Here, the ski tracks leads over fine heathland and pine forest and gravel ridges. Floodlite tracks: 2.5 km and 5 km. The light turnes on manually and stays on for 1 hour.
More tracks: 7.9 and 12 km.
IFK Ore takes care of and prepares the tracks.

Keep in mind that the tracks are affected by weather conditions, so please check the status of the tracks before you go skiing.