A man with his bike on the mountain.

Fjälläventyr - Guided cycling with instructors

The vast highland plateau of Sälen has a lot to offer for mountain bike riders. Young and old, experienced or beginner, there is a trail for anyone if you know how to find them. And we do!



When you tag along a guided mountainbike trail tour with us, you will get to discover the best hidden trails and most beautiful terrain that the area has to offer. The guides at Fjälläventyr are passionate about helping new riders evolve in their trail riding in a safe and encouraging way, and to show experienced riders with a taste for epic downhill runs and hard climbs the hidden gems of the area. We adapt the tours to suit the participants and we make sure everyone gets a great experience of the Sälen outback. Our mission is to make new riders love the sport and to make experienced riders thrilled about the trails in Sälen.

There is a lot of well marked trails in Sälen. We know about the good ones, and above all we know the great ones not on the map, without signs and symbols showing you the way.

Our guides are also skilled instructors happy to share their knowledge and show you the techniques needed to take your riding to the next level. If you wish to learn the basics before you join a trail tour, have a look at our Get Started-course with lots of great basic techniques for riding

Feel free to bring your own bike, if you need equipment you can rent from us!