seagrass in front of the lake.

Fishing license for Sportfiske in Smedjebacken

Both beginners and professionals, old and young, are offered an extraordinary fishery. "A center-close put and take fishing in beautiful nature". In the area there are fireplaces, privy. Buy your fishing license online below or in any of our Tourist Offices.



According to our ten pools you can fish in everything from center fishing to fishing in small forest piers. Why not invest in catching a spike of fish in the often flowing pool Sport & Machine (10). A popular pool is also pool five, where you stand in the middle of the sheep and fish at a long, fine and calm land. We dare to say that there is almost a pool for everyone, regardless of the type of nature or fishing you want. There are also many places that are easily accessible for disabled fishermen who want to visit us.

Since the start of the center-close fishing in the mid-90s in Smedjebacken, the area has over the years developed in terms of accessibility. You can easily move around the entire fishing area via landscaped walkways and bridges.
The angling in Smedjebacken gives you access to a fishing in the upper part of the Kolbäcksån between Morgårdshammar and Smedjebacken. You get here after an easy floating stretch of fishing for rainbow and trout, in a nature with both beaver and bird life. A large part of the area is set aside as a nature reserve.

To make it easy for you to get to the fishing, pins and bridges have been put in order. With a not too modest pride, the world-famous flywheel “LOOP” was born here in Smedjebacken. Danielsson innovation AB invented and designed the “Loop Roll”, one day just next to pool 9. The roll is marketed today as Danielsson.

Prizes (All cards are valid throughout the river):
• Children 0-11 years, fish in the adult's company on their fishing license & quota.
• Youth 12-17 years SEK 50/3 fish
• Adult card from 18 years SEK 120/3 fish
• Annual card SEK 3500/3 fish per calendar day.
The day passes are valid from 00: 00-24: 00 i.e. calendar day.

The fishing license can also be purchased at Visit Dalarna's tourist offices, tel. 0771-62 62 62

Fishing licenses are available in several places:
YM`s Fishing & Leisure, Smedjebacken
Macken in Smedjebacken (ex Shell)

The fishing license holder is under an obligation to inform himself of current regulations and regulations.

Rules & Instructions
You get:
• You can use floatation in pools 2,3,5,6,7,8 and 9
• Wading from the beach with waders, however, not in pools 1.4 and 10
• Only fishing with 1 rod according to the specified methods
• With the day card fishing between 00:00 - 24:00 i.e. calendar day
• Start fishing right after you release your fishing license (30 minutes after purchase if fishing)
• With the day card take up a maximum of 3 fish / card / day
• Use the fireplaces and disposal sites that have been prepared

You may not:
• Fishing from the parts on the map or with signs are separated from the fishing
• Transfer your fishing license to someone else
• Fishing from a boat
• Apply mashing
• Use multiple rods when fishing
• Using long distance so-called "tow"
• Littering in nature
• Saw down trees, twigs or take fists from the trees in the area
• Use the windscreen in pool 8 when booked. (Information on this is posted regularly on Facebook / website)
Fishing crayfish. Unless otherwise stated, it is a total ban on fishing crayfish.

Think of:
• In case of so-called "catch and release" fishing, the fish shall be teased and resettled in accordance with the moral rules that accompany this type of fishing
• Fly fishing refers to fishing with fly rod, fly line, doves and 1st fly
• Carrying the fishing license clearly visible
• To mean by fishing is meant fishing with a tight hook
• That the rod used must be brought by hand or at any time immediately accessible to the fisherman
• Always follow instructions and show consideration for animals & plant life

Fish Inspection:
We have the majority of people who carry out fishing supervision, this for everyone's well-being and safety. The people will actively control the area and its visitors. During a check, you as a fisherman are obliged to present a valid fishing license and, if necessary, a valid ID document. Supervisors report offenses such as fishing without a valid fishing license etc. The documents that violate the association's rules but are not a law violation will be charged with a so-called control fee. This fee varies depending on the type of violation committed.
• If you fish in an unauthorized area, the fee is SEK 1000 • For other unauthorized fishing the fee is SEK 500


In the center in Smedjebacken