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Fishing license for Gagnef-Mockfjärd FVO

With a fishing license in Gagnef-Mockfjärds fishing-conservation area (fvo) you are able to fish in the eastern part of the municipality. Take the opportunity to explore Dalälven - upstream of Österdalälven to the inlet of Öälven in Ålkilen, and upstream of Västerdalälven to the power station in Lillstup.



One day card – 50 SEK
One week card – 100 SEK
One year card – 200 SEK, valid for one calendar year.
Note that Gimmen, Svarttjärn, Tansån Lortån are not included in the fishing license.
Age limit – Children under 16 years old are fishing for free in the company of an adult who has a fishing license.
Contact – Elis Langemar, 070-675 070 94

In the following game fishing water you are only allowed to use hand held tools: Tryssjön, Rosen, Garntjärn with rivers, Långsjön, Grästjärn, Bröttjärnaån, Surensån, Lilla Gjästtjärn and also the rapids.
Tansån is completely protected from the start of the river to the bridge at Vimans. However, fishing is allowed north of Vimans bridge to the outlet of Tansen, from 1 of june till 31 of july.

Trolling is allowed with two rods per person. All other fishing, one handheld rod. You may take up a maximum of two game fishes per fishing license/day. Angling is allowed in all water, but pike scissors are not allowed. All hand tools should be marked with name.
In the rivers, the minimum size to take up is: grayling 35 cm and trout 40 cm. Fishing of grayling is forbidden between 1 May – 1 June. Fishing for trout is forbidden in flowing waters between 15 September – 1 November.
Cray fishing: Only people with a card for the multiplicity are allowed to buy a cray fishing-card.
The holder of the fishing license is responsible for having read the current rules and regulations for the area. For more information see the webpage

Your printed booking confirmation is a valid fishing license within Gagnef-Mockfjärds FVO, according to the regulations in the area. You need to bring your fishing license while fishing at all times and be prepared to show it to a supervisor or police.