a man holding a big fish.

Fishing license for Floda-Björbo FVO

A total of six rivers stream through Björbo and Dala-Floda. Within 15km you can find the rivers Käringforsen, Fänforsen, Hagelängsforsen, Skålforsen, Forsgärdsforsen and Hagforsen.



One day card – 100 SEK
One week card – 250 SEK
One year card – 500 SEK, valid one calendar year

Age restrictions – Children under the age of 18 fish for free in the company of an adult who has purchased a fishing license

Ecological fishing, or Catch & Release, is applied in the river Käringforsen. Only fishing with fly rod and fly is allowed. All caught fish must be released, badly injured fish must be killed and put back in the river. It is not allowed to keep any fish.

Lake Stora Byrtjärn has accessibility for disabled people, with a 20 meter long bridge out in the water. Here you can fish for rainbow trout. There is also accessibility for disabled to wind shelters and toilets.

Fishers are allowed to use spinning rod, flyfishing rod, a normal fishing rod and fishing trap (not in streaming rivers). Trap is not allowed in streaming rivers or in game fish waters. Note that all fishing with permanent equipment for the purpose to catch game fish is prohibited. Crayfishing is not allowed.

Note that all fishing with fixed or permanent gear is prohibited. All fishing from boat or float tube is prohibited in gamefish waters, except in Närsen, Älven, Gryssen, Långsjön och Olsen (Orsen).

The holder of the fishing license is responsible for having read the current rules and regulations for the area. For more information see the webpage www.gagneffiske.se
Your printed booking confirmation is a valid fishing license within Floda-Björbo FVO, according to the regulations in the area. You need to bring your fishing license while fishing at all times and be prepared to show it to a supervisor or police.