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Fishing license for Bjursås-Leksands FVO

Bjursås-Leksand is a fishing-conservation area stretching from Bjursås to Leksand, with around 80 lakes and rivers. Hovtjärn is a good alternative if you like fly-fishing.



Note that:
A separate card is needed for Attjärn and Såtjärn, contact Jonas Mix.
Lungsjöån is a privately owned fly-fishing river. Buy your card from Jonas Hagborg, www.flyfisher.nu

Age restrictions – Children under the age of 15 fish for free in the company of an adult who has purchased a fishing license
Contact information – Jonas Mix, 070-346 97 94, info@bjursasleksandsfvof.se


The area has around 80 lakes and rivers, such as: Opplimen, Brossen, Hyttsjön, Storån, Gopen, Rällsjön, Lövlasjön, Getsarvssjön, Öratjärn, Axen, Bjursen, Fjällgrycken, Utgrycken, Rogsjön, Nässmälingen, Rappsmälingen, Ljustjärn och Årbosjön. A detailed map for the area can be found at the link below.

General rules for the public:
No use of nets, fyke nets or planerbord. Crayfishing is not allowed. If fishing from boat, a maximum of 1 rods/fishing license are allowed and maximum 4 rods/boat. In all the waters, you are only allowed to take up 3 game fish per day/card. Minimum trout-size to take up is 40cm in lake Rogsjön, and 20cm in all other waters. For char, 30 cm. Fishing in open streaming water is prohibited between 1 September – 31 December

Specific rules for the lakes:
- No fishing in the river Leksbodaån, to the border of Leksand-Insjön FVO. Crayfishing is allowed.
- No trolling in lake Rällsjön, from 1 September- freeze-up in Axviken.
- No fishing in lake Rogsjön, at the outlet of river Luråns. Between 15 august – 31 december. You may take up maximum 1 trout per card/day from a boat, between 1 oktober – freeze-up in lake Rogsjön. During the rest of the year you may take up a maximum of 3 trouts per card/day from a boat
- Lake Hovtjärn is open for flyfishing. You may take up a maximum of 3 game fish per card/day. Use of float tube is not allowed. Ice fishing is allowed from January – Mars
- No fishing is allowed in Lurån, Kvarnån, Saluån and Axån. During the entire year

The holder of the fishing license is responsible for having read the current rules and regulations for the area. For more information see the webpage www.bjursasleksandsfvof.se

Your printed booking confirmation is a valid fishing license within Bjursås-Leksands FVO, according to the regulations in the area. You need to bring your fishing license while fishing at all times and be prepared to show it to a supervisor or police