The Drinkable Country, Grövelsjön

The Drinkable Country, Grövelsjön

Cook a lunch that compliments the beverages and will allow you to experience the flavour profile of the Sámi culture. All the produce, instructions and equipment that is needed will be included.



Come along on a short hike where we will pick seasonal plants and herbs and create beverages that will evoke the taste of the Dala mountains. How about tea flavoured with chaga or juniper, juice from dandelions and sorrel or a tonic topped off with garden angelica? Or maybe your own combination will be the best? Everything is alcohol free.

Wednesdays 11 am – 13 pm (Of course you are free to stay and enjoy the table for as long as you wish). Minimum a group of 4 people.
Bookings are to be made no later than 48 hours before your visit.
Price: 875 SEK per person.