A skier on the slopes.

Downhill Skistar Sälen

Sälen is one of Sweden's most loved ski resorts and consists of four ski areas, Lindvallen, Högfjället, Tandådalen and Hundfjället. Enjoy skiing in more than 100 ski slopes in all directions and a well-developed snow system guarantees good skiing all season.



In Lindvallen most slopes are green or red. The ski area is connected to Högfjället.
Children's areas in Lindvallen
Sydpolen, with button lift and roller conveyor, Valles skidland, with fun Valle figures.
Facilities nearby: toilets, café, heating cabin, barbecue area, SkiStarshop.
One of Europe's largest children's areas is located outside SkiStar Lodge Experium in Lindvallen, 10-century button lifts, treadmills, sledding hills, child care and playground. At Valleberget is also Valletorget, an adventure area with time machine, post office and a large music scene.
Facilities nearby: Toilets, café, heating cabin, barbecue area, restaurant, playground, SkiStarshop, ski school.

On Högfjället there is most of it within easy reach. The lifts, downhill skiing, restaurants, ski hire, ski school and other activities are always around the corner. Wide, beautiful slopes in high mountain terrain, guarantee a pleasant skiing.
Högfjället sit together with Lindvallen via transport lifts which means a total of 56 slopes, 48 lifts and 6 rollers in the same ski area.

Tandådalen consists of two parts, the quieter east side with wide carving slopes and Snow Park as well as the area around Tandådalstorget which offers challenging rides. Here is also the large ski school area and the Solliften with many of Sälen's black slopes.
Children's areas in Tandådalen
Here you can find Valles ski country with, among other things, button lifts, rollers, lovely ski slopes with Valle figures etc.
Facilities nearby: Toilets, café, playground, heating cabin, barbecue area, SkiStarshop, ski school.

Östra Tandådalstorget
Here you will find Valles ski country with Valle figures, roller conveyor, button lifts, ski carousel and several green ski slopes.

Facilities nearby: Toilets, café, heating cabin, barbecue area, SkiStarshop.

Snow Parks & Fun Ride
SkiStar Snow Park Tandådalen
In Östra Tandådalen there is a wide range of features with railings, boxes and jumps, from the simplest green level to advanced red.

Tandådalen - Big Air Arena
Big Air Arena in Tandådalen is the first hope we build for the season. The jump is categorized as black and it is a very good arena for the advanced skier. The arena is equipped with lighting and is open as long as the lifts are open.

In Hundfjället there is skiing in all directions and the whole family can take one of Hundfjället's three seat lifts up to the top together. Ski slopes in all levels of difficulty are offered here. In Hundfjället is also the popular adventure area Trollskogen with over 450 trolls and figures. In addition, here is one of Sweden's steepest slopes, Väggen.

Children's areas in Hundfjället
There are button lifts, treadmills and child-friendly slopes for the smallest. Under the East Express chair lift you will find Hundfjället's sledding hill.
Facilities nearby: Toilets, café, heating cabin, barbecue area, SkiStarshop, ski school.

SkiStar Fun Ride is a hill with jumps, bumps and velodromes built to suit everyone, from small children and beginners to advanced skiers.

The nearest Snow Park is located in Östra Tandådalen. You can easily get there with Skid & Badbussen or via transport lifts.