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Cycling a part of the Porphyry trail: Evertsberg - Västäng

Ride cross country bike on trails, tractor roads and gravel roads in the middle of the forest in Älvdalen.



Explore the nature on cross country bike. Start at Evertsbergs Bygdegård and ride on trails, tractor roads and gravel roads down to Västäng. From the parking at Evertsbergs bygdegård, follow the road Dysbergsvägen. Turn right into Skolvägen. Follow the snowmobile trail that starts at the old school (Red crosses), cross the road and continue on the snowmobile trail until you reach the Porphyry trail with orange marks. Follow it until you get to the point where the Rombo trail continues straight forward and the Porphyry trail turns left. Follow the Rombo trail to Västäng. See map in pictures. The terrain is mixed, perfect for those who want some varied training. The trail is 12 kilometers.