Lugnet i Falun

- The World Championship arena

The classic Lugnet in Falun, with its fantastic sports environment and a wide range of facilities, has evolved into a natural meeting place and arena for mountain biking. Here, well-maintained cross-country and downhill trails, as well as technical courses, challenge your skills, build both endurance and expertise. Lugnet is also an excellent starting point for touring cycling in the city of Falun, bestowed with the title of a World Heritage Site. From the bike saddle, you get close to all the historical landmarks.

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The Lugnet MTB trails start at the World Championship Arena and then extend into the Lugnet Nature Reserve, where cyclists are treated to a delightful mix of handcrafted trails, natural single-tracks, and scenic viewpoints. At the arena, there is also a bike playground and a skills course for technical training.

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Starting point for cycling trails: In the sprint hill area, you will find 31 MTB Arena. There is a rest area with bike racks and recycling bins. The starting point also serves as the finish line for all trails.
Parking: Large free parking near the ice rink. Paid parking near the stadium and at Lugnet Sports Center. There is also a bike parking area (Bikebox) with the possibility to lock up to 4 bikes in each box; the area has three boxes. You can find the Bikebox at Lugnet Sports Center, and the key can be obtained at the swimming pool reception.
Restrooms: Near the horseshoe at the ski stadium and at Lugnet Sports Center.
Bike wash: At the starting point at 31 MTB Arena.
Shower/changing facilities: Shower, changing facilities, and sauna are included when you pay the trail fee at Lugnet.
Bike workshop: Choose between three different bike workshops in Falun: BikeTown, KBKBikes, or Cykel & Fjällspecialisten.
Shower/changing room: Shower, changing facilities, and sauna are included when you pay the trail fee at Lugnet.