Welcome to Idre Fjäll

Idre Fjäll is located in Sweden´s southernmost mountain region. All you need here are comfortable shoes, casual wear, swimming gear, a good backpack and a bike.

The concept of this resort was created with the arrival of the first guests in the late 60s. We wanted to offer a family resort with cosy accommodation in the midst of this beautiful mountain environment. Days were to be filled with relaxation and recreation. Some things have changed over the years, but we have maintained the Idre Fjäll feeling, partly because it is still owned by the same foundation as in 1968. In Idre there are several kilometers of biking trails in the scenic mountain environment. Bikes can be rented at Intersport along with all the equipment you need. At Idre Fjäll you can take the lift to the top of the mountain and ride down on marked trails. All routes start at the central square.

Biking on Idre Fjäll is easily accessible from the entire resort - you simply get on your bike at your cabin door and roll out. Some bike trails take you around Idre Fjäll so the whole family can come along. When the lift is running you have easy access to the top of the mountain to enjoy the downhill trails, but remember that downhill can be just as exhausting as pedalling.

For road riders, there are long gradients on a tour to Norway. Day visitors can use the showers in the sports hall and the bike wash at Intersport, where you can also find the equipment you need for your bike during your stay.

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