Guided tour in the big salon in the main.

Adventure mine Tuna Hästberg, Borlänge

You can choose from two different tours, Walking tour (10.00) and Adventure tour (13.00). The Walking tour is easy and suitable for most people. The Adventure tour includes more climbing and rapelling. Both tours include a Swedish fika down in the mine.



Walking tour.
A simpler tour in the mine for up to 20 people. Together with the guides you make your way down into the mine through the 110m long stairway in the old pit personnel. Once down in the mine awaits an exciting walk to the Great Hall where you are in the lighted torches to get a feel of the mine's greatness. The tour is included coffee and cake. Loan of helmet and head lamp included. The tour lasts about 1.5h.

Adventure tour.
A guaranteed adventure for up to 10 people. Together with the guides you willfind your way down to the mine's deepest parts, 80m underground. The tour offers many exciting moments, such as climbing on the mine and rappelling on ropes and into the Great Hall you will experience the mine's greatness with torches and games. The whole experience tailored to the wishes and requirements. During the visit, you will enjoy food, coffee and cake. Visitors between 12-15 years only in company of an adult. Loan of a helmet, headlamp and climbing equipment is included. The trip lasts about 4 hours.


Krongruvvägen 38, 718 99 Idkerberget

WGS84 Lat/Long : N 60º20'29.77" E 15º10'44.82" RT90 : X=6691667, Y=1465430