Turquoise water, sauna.
A lake down in the main.
Ice figure made of nature in the main.
Turquoise water, jetty, wooden ladders.
Girls dancing with fire.
People lined up in the darkness of the mine.
Girls dancing with fire.
Set table with lanterns.
Guy with headlamp in the mine.

Adventure mine Tuna Hästberg, Borlänge

Idkerberget, Tuna Hästberg - Äventyrsgruvan, Krongruvvägen 50

Where Tunaslätten meets the extensive forests of Bergslagen, you will find the small town of Tuna Hästberg with a mine that closed down in 1968. In the village, you don't see many people above ground. However, underground, a unique and different world is hidden - Adventuremine.

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Visiting address: Tuna Hästberg - Äventyrsgruvan, Krongruvvägen 50, 781 99 Idkerberget

Krongruvvägen 38, 718 99 Idkerberget

WGS84 Lat/Long : N 60º20'29.77" E 15º10'44.82" RT90 : X=6691667, Y=1465430