A drawing depicting a large red wooden building, a small street and a parking lot with two cars in front of the building.

Lidéns möbler

Lidéns Möbler (furniture) is still today in Säter, where everything once started. The store is a full-service store, where the goal is for all customers to be satisfied with their purchases and with the service they receive.



At Möbelmässan 2016, Lidéns Möbler was named furniture dealer of the year by the industry organization FMI (Color, furniture and interior) with the following motivation: As one of the oldest furniture houses in Sweden, the company has excelled in the furniture trade with an inspiring range and always with a rich range. A furniture company that for generations has offered customers good quality goods with few complaints.

The company's staff is the basis for the service and knowledge customers receive when they visit the store. The product knowledge is solid and those who work here are keen to give all customers the attention, help and service they need.

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