Ski trails on the mountain with blue sky.
Several red scooters lined up outside small log cabins in the mountains.
Scooters come riding towards the camera up on the bare mountain.

More Activities - Snowmobiles on private trails

Sälen, Fjällvägen 66

Enjoy being able to drive snowmobiles on private trails, something that is very rare in Sälenfjällen! This is the tour for you who want to focus on driving snowmobiles and have done it a couple of times before. Here, the trails are protected from the snowmobile traffic in the rest of Sälenfjällen and the tour goes all the way to the Norwegian border, on nice trails over ridges and bogs. Where Sweden and Norway meet, there is the opportunity to choose a side in a snowball fight with Swedish and Norwegian snowballs.

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Visiting address: Fjällvägen 66, 780 91 Sälen