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KBK BIKES Cykeluthyrning i Falun

At KBK BIKES, you rent bicycles from some of the world's leading bicycle brands. KBK BIKES is centrally located in Falun by Falu Mine, where KBK stands for Run Only Run. It is a company that genuinely strives to find the bike just for you. For rent, there is fully damped MTB from Merida and so-called trekking bikes from Lapierre. The bikes are selected to match a varying need.



The MTB bikes are perfect for exploring the forests in southern Dalarna. There are many trails that offer adventure for all ages and skills. The MTB bikes have 10 - 12 gears and are available
in sizes S, M, L depending on your height.
The trekking bikes from Lapierre are perfect for exploring the World Heritage city and perhaps a trip around Runn, a visit to Staberg's Baroque Garden and more. nice excursion destinations. The trekking bikes have
21 gears and are available in sizes S, M, L, the size of the bike is chosen depending on your length.
If you want tips on cycling routes or perhaps your own guide for your trip, KBK BIKES has riders who can help you with technical tips for MTB cycling or maybe just as company during a slightly longer trip, e.g. Run around. For information and price suggestions, contact KBK BIKES.