The gable on the brewery which is high light building with large windows and the logo of the brewery.

Stjernsunds Brewhouse

The brewery is located in an old and culturally labeled industrial house where they brew beer of high quality - in a sustainable way. For Stjernsund's brewery, local commitment is important and collaboration with actors in the countryside.



An industrial building transforms to a brewhouse
In the middle of Stjärnsund you could find an old dilapidated industrial building. It was when the brewers Per and Peter found it that their dreams of opening a brewhouse was within reach. Now they have given the old building new life. The inside of the building has been completely redone, but they are renovating the outside facade with utmost care since the building is a cultural landmark. Stjernsunds brewhouse are happy to be caretakers of the building and to be able to transform it into a modern brewhouse and give it new life.

High-quality equipment
Since Per and Peter puts quality above all else, they have invested in high-quality brewery equipment. Automatic bottling and the filtration guarantee a better durability and an improved flavour. It’s very important for Stjernsund brewhouse to be able to ensure and safeguard a consistent quality over time. If you buy a beer from Stjernsund brewhouse in May and then in December the quality and flavour should be the same.

Always ecological produce
The brewing of beer always includes four ingredients – malt, yeast, hops and water. All beer is produced with ecological produce at Stjernsund brewhouse and Peter and Per are meticulous to choose just the right malt and hops of the highest quality for their beer. They dream of, in the future, being able to grow their own hops from the fields around the brewhouse in Stjärnsund.

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