Veranda outside the café. Winter season.

Lindalens Fäbod mountain pasture café

Lindalens farm was built in 1734, the same year as Carl Von Linné was in Sälen. Here, time has in many ways been stationary. Here you have peace and quiet, wonderful waffles with cloudberry jam with hot strong coffee. You find the farm along the ski trail "Kalven runt".



Actually it's called the "Lind-valley", after the Lind family. The same family that owned Lindvallen.
The house is from 1734 , it has made kol14 method on some of the logs and they confirm it.
1734 was the year that Linné was in Dalarna, there is no evidence that Linné was at this farm, nor that he was not.
Keep in mind that the logs were small trees when Gustav Vasa on skis were heading to Norway and became caught up of the fast skiers from Mora, that changed. They came up with Wasa in Sälen village, turned back to Mora and then on to Stockholm.
Kicked out the danish and laid the foundation for the Swedish democracy , a breathtaking thaught.
Salen is the Swedish cradle of democracy. Can not help but think of that idea when I stand in front of the fire, late winter nights, and looking up at a starry sky.
During the day , you have to feed the birds from your hands. This protected species of bird that lives in pairs and hiding their food in the hanging lichen that are out there.
Old woods are unusual and therefore hang lichen leading to these birds is threatened.
Last fall when we came out it was a total of 16 birds there.

Inside the cabin by the fire you can drink the hot chocolate, eating a waffle or any other sweetmeat from Wärdshusets bakery.

You can book the farm in evenings if you are an adult. The choice between sled or scootersaffari is yours.

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