Fresh baked bread.
Loaves in baking tins.
Three happy ladies looking in the camera.
Buns with pearl sugar.
A loaf of bread in one hand.

Leve Bröd Craft bakery

Våmhus, Kanonvägen 145

Sourdough bakery located in Våmhus between Mora and Orsa. Bread and buns are baked with organic flour and cultured grains. The bread is allowed to rise slowly for the best possible taste and nutrition. All raw materials are selected to benefit the flora of both the stomach and the field. On Fridays, the bakery is opened for all bread lovers and coffee drinkers. Bread and coffee are sold over the counter.

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  • Opening hours:
    Fri: 9 am - 3 pm.


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Visiting address: Kanonvägen 145, 792 96 Våmhus