Japanese-inspired garden the paths of red granite.

Zento Garden

Welcome to this small, Japanese-inspired garden.



Enjoy the plants changing color with the seasons, the paths of red granite from Älvdalen, iron ore boulders from Grängesberg’s mines, fields of black slag stone from Smedjebacken’s steelworks and the beautiful view over lake Väsman.

A world record is placed here in the Zento Garden. The world's most powerful transformers were built by Hitachi ABB Power Grids and two of the transformer tanks were kept in Ludvika. One of them is in front of you and a second is in Sockenstugeparken, where it now serves as an electricity storage system that can provide the town with emergency power.

The garden is a celebration of Ludvika’s long and rich history and a symbol of our new relationship with Japan.

Zento is a Japanese word for future prospects and the journey ahead.