Information board with a map showing the area around Solvarboravinen.


Solvarbocanyon is an offshoot of the more famous Säterdalencanyon with nice trails.



The ravine has been formed by Hyttbacken, coming from Dammsjön, dug down into the loose soil layers and sides are subsequently eroded out. Gorge is in some places less than 30 meters deep.

At Solvarbo village there is Cabin Creek Bridge, a magnificent stone arch bridge built in 1868-70. Several foundries were earlier after Hyttbacken and these gave the bridge its name. Here also stood a mill that provided the district with the ground flour. The power to drive the mill came from the cabin slopes.

In the spring, a flood of rocks and small waterfalls. Starting from Cabin Creek Bridge, you will find hiking trails all the way to Säterdalen and Bispberg.

Experience a piece of unique and stunning scenery!

In spring dress wood anemones in the entire canyon. The beaver is an inhabitant of the canyon.