Siljansfors Forest Museum.

Siljansfors forestry and rafting museum

Siljansfors Forest Museum, which is an open-air museum, shows the history of work with forest, floating, sawing and ironworks. You can take a shorter hike and at the same time learn about the forestry from the ironworks time onwards.



The activity in the forest is shown with, among other things, old forest huts, charcoal stack and tar area. A large exhibition hall shows how the transporting of log was conducted in Dalarna's lakes and streams.
The sawmill is a 100-year-old circular sawmill that is operated with a steam engine.
There are many remnants after the ironworks.
Here are several nice hiking paths 1.5 km, 3 km and 5 km showing cultural relics and forestry. The tree park has 40 different species of trees. There are also 6 parking spaces for motorhomes or caravans and a restaurant and café.