Old Prostgarden a red house.

Ottilia Adelborgmuséet

The museum, which is housed in the old prosthetic yard from the 18th century, is based on the objects that Ottilia Adelborg and her friends collected from the days of the farming community.



Ottilia Adelborg, the author of the Swedish children's book, lived and worked in Gagnef from 1903 until her death in 1936. Ottilia thought it was important to preserve old traditions and crafts. She founded Nursing School in 1903 and in 1909 Gagnef's Memorial Lodge was inaugurated, which is one of Sweden's oldest homesteads.

The Ottilia Adelborg Museum was created in 1999 under the current name in the Old Prostgarden, Gagnef. Since 1991, there was a lace exhibition in the same place. The collected tips contain a rich variation of the wool embroidery used in the Gagnef clothing, Vadstenaspets and laces collected in different countries eg. Belgium, Italy and France.

In the summer of 2015, the new permanent exhibition opened on the ground floor and there are costumes, lace, artwork, objects, slideshows and a chronology of important events in Ottilia's life. In connection with this there is a smaller room where the museum can have temporary exhibitions and in the entrance there is a small museum shop. All of this is on the ground floor and is handicapped accessible.

Starting in 2019, the Ottilia Adelborg Museum - a non-profit association, is open to those who want to support the work of developing the museum based on Ottilia Adelborg's life and cross-cultural work.
More information on the website www.ottiliaadelborgmuseet.

Guided tours for groups are booked via info@ottiliaadelborgmuseet.se