Garden with flowers and trees.

Dala-Järna Art Museum

In Dala-Järna you find an art museum that exhibits high quality art of the 20th century. There are tree horses, Dalahorses and a unique wooden bird exhibition. The Art Museum also have a famous garden where flowers and plants are mixed with scupltures of different kinds.



In the exhibition halls there are works of artists like X:et, Amelin and Osslund. A unique wooden bird exhibition shows hundreds of Swedish, lifelike and imaginative birds. The Art Museum also accommodate the world's smallest Dalahorse.

In the yard there are plenty of artistic decorations and in most cases are these created by the host couple, the artists Margot and Tomas Holst.

In the garden there are rarities such as walnut tree and magnolia, that normaly doesn't overwinter in this cold climate. The famous herbary with it's smell of spices is "a must" and the beautiful peonies is a wonderful sight during June and July.

Margot and Tomas has turned this 19th century building into an exquisite artistic creation and recreation spot.


Follow route E16 from Borlänge to Dala-Järna. Turn left at sign "Konstgård" (ap 500 m before the cross in Dala-Järna city centre)