A chapel in sunny weather

Åsens chapel

is situated 15 km north of Älvdalen in the village Älvdalsåsen



The chapel is first mentioned in the scriptures 1729.

The chapel was built timbered, with the tower building covered with tarred Pärt. The current design was made 1953. This gave the chapel its first pipe organ manufactured by Werner Bosch from Kassel. The piece is in five parts, a manual and pedal.

The chapel was renovated in 1999 and has internally a slight grayish tint with effects in the English red and blue. A color combination that provides a serene and intimate character. The chapel has 90 seats and is much frequented as baptism and wedding chapel.

In the courtyard at the chapel located Knut cottage that houses a small museum and meeting hall for church coffee and other gatherings.

From Älvdal ridge is the origin of the famous organ piece, "Old mountain hymn from Dalarna" in Oskar Lindberg's design. The song was originally sung by a blind fiddler named "Blind-Olof" who lived in the Alvdal Ridge from 1800 to 1881.