Summerfarm with nice view.

Ärteråsens Summer Farm

  • Price information: Free entrance. Week 29: 50 SEK per person and activity.
  • Mobile phone: +4670-223 32 33
  • Website:
  • Contact person name: Bo Ericson
  • Email:
  • Visiting address: Timmervägen 28, 790 70 Furudal
  • Opening hours: Summer 2020: Café open daily 12-4 pm 14/6-9/8.

Ärteråsen is one of the largest preserved summer farms in Sweden with a spactacular view. Ärteråsen's origin can be tracked back to the 1400's and it´s a unique summer farm environment with several 'fire houses'



Ärteråsen was at it's zenith in 1850, at that time there were 22 cabins and 36 care takers for the animals. During this time several families would share cabins and hundreds of animals would graze nearby. Ärteråsen was in use until 1954.

Today 12 cabins remain, owned by individuals and during the summer month cows graze in the meadow.

The farm is 500 meters from the parking area. Dogs are not allowed.

Summer 2020
Cafe is open daily 12:00-16:00 between week 25-32. New routines due to Covid-19.

Culture week 29 with varied program. See homepage.