Two hikers in Evertsberg.

Vasaloppsleden - 45 km Evertsberg to Mora

A 28 km hike between Risberg - Evertsberg - Oxberg.



Risberg - Evertsberg
The trail goes past Rost Tarn cottage and Vasaloppet control 1km from Risberg.Trail follows the car road until a nice bathing and resting at Skepphussjön. The last 2.5 km up to Evertsberg trail follows the old route Vasaloppet.

Skepphussjöns beach is equipped with bridges and diving tower. Changing rooms are available. Evertberg's chapel, dating from the 1500s, is open during the summer. The current chapel was rebuilt 1750th. Here you can see an old poor stock, Lazarus collection box, a triptych probably made in Nuremberg, Germany in 1450 and the peculiar murals around the windows. A farm shop with crafts, fine Dalarna paintings and watercolors is near the chapel. At the foot of Boggberget is Gammelgården and the beautiful chapel.

Evertsberg - Oxberg
The trail goes through Evertsberg, and an extra road leads up to Boggberget where you can see
sweeping views of the Dala landscape. Then, it is a steep downhill to Rutmyran. At Vasslan the trail passes over Vasaloppsvägen. There is a picnic area with slogbod adjacent Vasslan. There after, the trail on the hillside in a lush forest setting. The trail takes off from Vasaloppet course to Axikojan at Axiån. Then follow the trail Oxberg-Lake in the rich forest environment. Before Oxberg you come to the famous Lundbäcksbacken. Up on the hill's highest peak is a picnic area with wind shelter, with panoramic views of Lake Oxberg and forests to the north.
At Axiån is an impressive newly restored watermill. Old mil stones forms tables and seating. Björnarvets pasture is beautifully situated in the birch forest on the slope down towards Oxberg Sea. In Oxberg there is Vasaloppet control. From 1/6 - 31/8 is Oxberg Chapel open daily. It features fine furniture and on the walls is seen cross painted in the form of sun wheel.