Roadsigns in a village.

Trip: Mora – Orsa

  • Visiting address: Saxviken/Kajen, Strandgatan 19, 792 30 Mora

The trip takes in many attractions to see and experience, here are just a few; the Tingsnäsbadet bathing spot, Konsertladan (concert hall), the Orsa bakery and bird watching at Lindängets bird area.



Length: 17 km
Greet Trail: Easy cycling on flat terrain. Asphalt and gravel.
Duration: 1-3 hours
Start: Mora town centre
Finish: Orsa camping

Worth a stop

The Gustav Vasa stautue
The statue of Gustav Vasa stands on a small hill at the intersection Vasagatan - Strandgatan.

Vattnäs Konsertladan
This unique concert hall was built during the spring and summer of 2011 by opera singers and couple Pers Anna Larsson and Göran Eliasson in Anna’s home village of Vattnäs. Outside the concert hall you can enjoy sweeping views over the village and down towards lake Orsa.

Orsa Bagarstuga (bakery)
Baked goods in the German tradition.

Lindängets bird area
A variety of birds stops off here spring and autumn. There are walking trails and two observation towers in the area.

Orsa Hembydsgård
This homestead museum consists of some twenty. For a guided tour in the summer months summer call +46 (0) 250-410 11.

Good to know

  • Leisure Cycling


Start at the quay/ Saxviken. Continue along the cycle path towards Tingshusbadet. Still on the cycle path, cross over the railway again. Ride over Noretbron (bridge) that crosses Österdalälven river (2 km) and take a sharp right after the bridge along Solgårdsvägen and beneath two railway viaducts. At Mora korgmakeri (baskets and handicrafts) turn left into Lasarettsvägen.

Follow the road and take a left at Dr Hellings väg. When the road turns right continue on the gravel path. Take a right up the hill when the gravel path intersects and take a left on the gravel path about halfway up the hill. Turn left down Kungsvägen (paved road). Cross the railway line and follow Kungsvägen before turning right into Vattnäs village street. Before the school, take a left onto Korsgatan.

Continue on Korsgatan that runs into Lisselhedsvägen to Orsa. You then cross the E45 European highway and cycle past the homestead museum. Go over the bridge and cross Slättbergsvägen. Continue on the cycle path into the underpass at the roundabout towards Orsa town centre and finally Orsa camping.