A man and a woman run towards the camera on a rocky path in fog.
Three persons running in the forest and have a beautiful wiev.

Trail run in Kläppen

Sälen, Kläppen

Running on nature trails. The trails are tough and real challenges. Kläppen Trail Run - Red - 3.7 km This trail is sometimes very tough with steep slopes, crossings of streams and classic forest running in troll forest. Do not be fooled by the short distance, this is tough. Start and finish is Kläppen's camping. Also available as Strava segment. Kläppen Trail Run - Blue - 3.1 km With the same start and finish as the red trail run trail, but then turns left into a forest path. This is a little easier than the red one and can be a good start to your trail run. Also available as Strava segment.

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Visiting address: Kläppen, 780 67 Sälen