Adults and children in a canoe.

Tour suggestions canoe: Johannisholm - Finn Bodarna 17 km

In Vansbro municipality, there are many fine water that is suitable for paddling.



The trail starts at Johannisholms camping by the lake Örklingen. Follow the right bank of the lake, down into Vanån. Just below the lake is a small rapid. Hold the middle of the rapids.
Then there is still water down to Gävundasjön. In the small village Gävunda is a business you can paddle right up to a small stream that runs just below the business. Moreover, it is the last shop before Vansbro. Paddle forward under Gävundabron.
A little bit after the bridge, on the left side, there is a shelter. It is beautifully located at the lake's sparkling waters. Continue the journey move beyond Landbobyn on the right side, down to the power plant.

About 400 m before the plant is a path up to the left, where you have to pick up the canoe. Here comes the canoe trolley to use. There's even a sign warning: Danger power plants. Limit for boats and canoes. Once up on the ridge, just follow the paths up to the power plant. Go straight on past the farm, straight across the highway and down a forest road that goes right down to Vanån. Once down in Vanån, it is a rocky beach at the tip of the cape. It's a good place for the canoe. Then follows a tiny bit with flowing water before it enters into calm water down to Finnbodarna and Lake Van. Occasionally day trip. Canoe trailer is a must.


From Vansbro Go Highway 26 towards Mora about 35km to Johannisholm. The tour starts at Johannisholms camping.